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carter’s dick is gonna fall off this nigga has a new girl every other week he gon fuck around and catch something

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the swaggy twelve

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Anonymous: how do you feel about the whole magcon thing?

ok id obviously much rather them all be together doing these events because i do love every boy but at the end of the day im here for nash and if he’s happier stepping away from “magcon” and doing other events because its better suited for him and us, then ill support him in that. 

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Anonymous: do you have a pic of matthew on the vine that he's with ketchup on tshirt and on the floor?

a picture? nope sorry i only have the vine.

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do i have to change the name of magconnetwork and magconresources now??

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Hey guys, I wanted to create this network for people that own/co-own magcon blogs.

This network is for people that post their own original content (eg. gifs, edits, etc.) we wont accept reposters because its unfair to the people that have worked on their own stuff.

If you don’t post your own content, but reblog it then you can still join if you are a full magcon blog.

We also have a tag in which you can tag your posts with and it will be easier for everyone to see your wonderful gifs and edits and it will also be easier for me to see it so i can reblog it onto this blog.

How to Join
  • Must be following the magconnetwork blog and the admin
  • submit a application to the network blog requesting to join with the following things filled out: 
    - URL:
    - Do you make gifs, edits, etc? (don’t say ‘yes’ specify what you do):
    - An unedited photo you want as your picture on the network page (or i can choose one for you): 
    - A little description. (this could be anything like your name, what you do on your blog, or even if you just want to put a quote from the show) 
    - Is your blog only magcon?
  • Reblog or like this post.

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